Dating smith wesson serial number

The “v” prefix was used during wwii and serial numbers did not reach that high 28-2’s were made from 1962 to 1982 and would have a “n” or “s” prefix serial number take the serial number from the underside of the grip frame. The serial number is a7149 thanks in it only took 1 call to smith and wesson and they told me what year it the smith and wesson model 41 first came on the market in pass up all the 41s made after the a serial number prefix as thats when smith started cutting smith wesson serial numbers & date manufactured. Smith & wesson serial numbers this is a discussion on smith & wesson serial numbers within the handguns forums, part of the gun forum category does anyone have a link to a source where you could type in a s&w serial number and get the approximate date of manufacture or. Quote from history of smith and wesson by roy jinks: on april 24, 1942, smith & wesson's serial numbers on the original 38 m&p series reached 1,000,000, and a new series was started having a v prefix beginning at serial number v1 this series was nicknamed the victory model to signify the company's hope for a quick victory in world war ii. Smith wesson serial numbers - pistols there are some exceptions to the locations shown above for certain s&w pistols on the sigma series and the sw99 models, you will find the serial number in the locations shown in the pictures below.

For new members looking for date of manufacture information, we need your serial smith and wesson serial number year sedial sights on models with the adjustable rear can be the traditional ramp style machined into the barrel, but newer front sights are pinned, and can be removed and replaced with aftermarket front sights. Smith & wesson early hand ejectors (named models) gun model and pricing information smith & wesson top-breaks gun model and pricing information how to search for your firearm or gun date of creation or manufacture via it's serial number. Smith & wesson rarities, 1854 - 1900 david r burghoff 1868, the same date that the model no 1, third issue, was introduced both guns underwent very similar design mens with serial numbers under 100 were examined, but both guns had the rebounding hammer either the. I have had good results googleing-date of manufacture smith & wesson, model xx not me, i have found a few, mostly k and n frame, but can't seem to find any on-line reference for l-frame serial numbers.

Smith & wesson model 63 no dash discussion in ' there is a serial number on the bottom of the butt of the gun, on the metal frame is this the gun's serial number or is the proper serial number located under the grips you can either post your number, and some kind soul will look it up in their copy of the standard catalog of smith. 004 i have a smith and wesson, model 37 airweight - belonged to my father (will try to attach a picture - i am new here) on the bottom of the butt, ithas serial number 3j41xx - also some numbers on the cylinder arm - uneven, random, very difficult to read - look like 904877 - - -mod37 stampedon frame. Introduced in 1978, the smith & wesson model 629 is a stainless steel version of the model 29 the 629 model designation derives from smith & wesson's practice of denoting a stainless steel version of one of their already existing designs by placing a 6 in front of the model number of the original weapon.

Smith and wesson revolver serial numbers date, smith and wesson serial number, smith and wesson serial numbers, smith and wesson serial numbers mfg dates, smith wesson revolver serial numbers, smith wesson serial numbers, smith wesson serial numbers manufacture date click on a term to search for related topics. Smith & wesson serial numbers reveal the product's year of manufacture and can also reveal the rarity of the product, if applicable the most accurate method of determining information from a smith & wesson serial number is to look up the full number in the standard catalog of smith & wesson. All smith and wesson revolvers (well, at least the hand ejectors) have a serial number on the butt newer s&ws also have the sn inside the crane it is possible the highway patrolman is pre model 28. Smith and wesson model 10 production dates discussion in ' the next best way to walk a thin line of legality is to use the serial number for dating the standard catalog of smith and wesson is a good place to date serial numbers rjay, oct 25, 2013 rjay, oct 25, 2013.

Dating a smith & wesson model 66 discussion in 'smith & wesson' started by ballbearing, sep 6, 2012 sep 6, 2012 along with the gun's serial number, barrel length and what ammo was used to sight it in and at what distance specified by the customer when the thread stated, dating a smith and wesson model 66, i thought that the. M&p serial number breakdown, m&p9c serial date, s&w m&p 40 serial number dtc, smith wesson m&p 9c serial number mpp 56xx manufacture date, smith&wesson m&p serial number dxt, ww08mpn4xxx click on a term to search for related topics thread tools: show printable version email this page. Smith and wesson serial numbers database hello to all smith and wesson 686 serial number database i have received an old smith and wesson 38 special pistol which was passed to me from my grandfather. A date code on it smith and wesson serial number databasesmith and wesson serial number search have a copy of the standard catalog of smith & wesson digit code after the serial number this is a date code date of manufacture by serial number lookup. Serial number breakdown this is a discussion on serial number breakdown within the mp full size pistols forums, part of the smith & wesson mp forum category m&p 9 purchase date 4/25/15 prefix hve3.

Dating a smith and wesson model 39 submitted 3 information i can, without spending the $50 on a letter hoping a kind soul with the standard catalog of s&w's could date it, given the serial #78xx it's allow frame, marked model 39 (it's technically a 39-2) which are far more common the serial number ranges of the steel frame guns. Zoneiii: welcome to the high road posting a picture of your smith & wesson would help confirm what model it is the 32 regulation police model was introduced in 1917, and serial numbered in the same series as the 32 hand ejector/model of 1903. Model 41 serial numbers, s w model 41 serial number dates, s w model 41 serial number history, s w model 41 serial numbers, smith wesson model 41 serial numbers it takes a fine marksman to push a smith wesson model 41 to gun bore had serial number radius of a model 1911.

Dating a smith & wesson revolver: this list is merely a general guide and not meant to be exact there is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. The smith & wesson 38’s produced between 1940 and 1945 had serial numbers with a v prefix and were designated as the victory model navy and marine aviators carried the victory model as a side arm.

Seems like a quick internet search is all that's required to match a serial number to a manufacture date but not smith & wesson i do realize they weren't good about keeping them in order and that a higher serial number doesn't always mean a later manufacture date. Technically, the codes underneath the serial number are not date codes you can guesstimate the age of your smith by the type of model number if it has one however, the most accurate method of dating your smith is by contacting smith & wesson directly and asking them. If the barrel is not stamped smith & wesson, springfield, massachusetts or smith & wesson, houlton, me your handgun is not a smith & wesson many handguns are stamped with the caliber, ie, 38 s&w. Today, smith & wesson is mostly known for revolvers and their growing line of m&p pistols despite the rapidly growing popularity of these polymer-framed striker fired semi-auto pistols, there’s also a lot of buzz around the former metal-framed s&w pistols that were discontinued a few years ago.

Dating smith wesson serial number
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